About Du Lac Wealth Services

“We seek to create a community that honors the human dignity of each member and that is characterized by a love of truth, active care and concern for the common good, and service toward others.” - du Lac: A Guide to Student Life – University of Notre Dame.


I am frequently asked about the company name “Du Lac Wealth Services.” Many have asked if it relates to Wisconsin cities or even the movie “Shrek”. However the name stems from something arguably more obscure and definitely more inspiring. The full name of my undergraduate alma mater is “The University of Notre Dame du Lac”. The University uses this less known portion of the name to inspire the name of the student conduct handbook – du Lac. The expectation is clearly set for students to “go beyond what is minimally required” and take action to build a better, stronger community.

So rather than some egocentric or generic company name, I chose something that captures a more deeply rooted belief system. Service toward others is what draws me to work on Main Street instead of Wall Street. Individual investors deserve qualified advisors committed to actively work on their behalf with honesty and integrity.

As a client of Du Lac Wealth Services, you can expect your interests to always come first along with an honest respect for your needs and aspirations.

Best regards,

James M. Mertens, CFA
Managing Director
Du Lac Wealth Services